About Us

Hi, I'm Dr. Josh

I’m a second generation veterinarian dedicated to bettering the lives of pets and pet owners in Western New York. I envisioned a specialized center for innovative dog training, wellness and veterinary services that is designed to enrich, educate and engage both you and your pet.

Caring for a pet has a proven effect on our physical and mental health. That makes it our duty to provide only the best to them. Along with top quality preventive medicine, we also have one of the best orthopedic surgery programs available, and we offer a full suite of integrative approaches like acupuncture and traditional Chinese herbal medicine.

Our mission is to educate pet owners and strengthen your bond with your furry companions. Everyone at Pet Degree is a pet owner, so we know you only want the best for them.

Thank you for trusting us for your veterinary needs.

Dr. Joshua Bruzgul, DVM


Why Choose Us

First Class Care

Pets are family and they deserve to be treated like it. At Pet Degree we are dedicated to providing first class care. Whether your pet needs veterinary services, grooming or daycare - we are here for you.

The Ultimate Pet Experience

Our center specializes in providing a holistic experience for you and your pets. We make it our mission to meet every need your pet has.

30+ Years in Business

My father and I have been servicing the Western New York Community for over 30 years, making sure our loved ones have the finest veterinary care in the world.

Our Team

Our staff at Pet Degree is highly trained and committed to making sure every experience is outstanding.

Laurie Thompson, LVT

Position: Practice Manager, Licensed Veterinary Technician;
Pets: Greyson (French Bulldog), Julius (Domestic Shorthair cat)

Lauren Rotella, LVT

Position: Front Desk Manager, Licensed Veterinary Technician;
Pets: Sweet Pea (dog), Walter (cat), and Wellington and Maisy (rabbits)

Jill Friedman

Position: Veterinary Assistant;
Pets: Copper (horse), Cole (horse), Floyd and Nova (Crested Geckos)

Ashley Shaw

Position: Veterinary Assistant, Daycare Attendant;

Jessica Schwartz

Position: Client Service Representative;
Pet: Belle (Great Pyrenese)

Tiffany Falk

Position: Dog Stylist;
Pet: Nia (Pitbull)

Happy Pets, Happy Owners

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We know that you want the best for your pets. To ensure that we are the right choice, we invite you to a completely free tour of our facilities.