We're animal lovers, just like you.

PET DEGREE® is about family, and we invite you to stop by and meet ours!

Visit our campus in Buffalo, NY.

We just completed the renovation of our new facility in Buffalo, NY.

Two generations of veterinarians.

We're proud to have served the Buffalo NY community for over 30 years.

We treat animals like family.

Animals helped shape our lives.

Join us on our search to strengthen the human animal bond.

You take your pet for long walks. You schedule play dates or off-leash adventures. You can’t pass a pet store without purchasing a fun little toy or a delicious treat. Maybe you even cook meals for your pet.

You treat your pet like family. And you do it all because of that special bond.

Get to Know the Experts at Pet Degree

We know you want the best for your pet. So do we. We offer a wide variety of enjoyable experiences to promote the human-animal bond. Come visit our specialized facility in Buffalo, NY, and see how we treat pets like family.

Our Team

Laurie Thompson, LVT

Practice Manager

Lauren Rotella, LVT

Front Desk Manager, Veterinary Technician

Ashley Shaw

Veterinary Assistant

Tiffany Falk

Dog Groomer

Jessica Schwartz

Client Service Representative

Dr. Josh Bruzgul, DVM

Dr. Josh Bruzgul, DVM


Our Philosophy

Caring for a pet can improve your physical and mental health, reduce stress, and increase happiness. It’s no wonder that humans and animals develop such an amazing lifetime bond. At PET DEGREE®, we understand that bond. That’s why we’ve consulted with expert trainers and veterinary specialists to create a unique dog training facility in Buffalo, NY. Pet Degree is designed to strengthen and nurture your relationship with your pet.

Whether you want to plan a special day with your pet in a fun, invigorating environment, you need a kennel that will treat your pet with care, you’re looking for top-notch dog obedience training, or you want meticulous dog grooming services to keep your pet looking great, Pet Degree has got you covered. Our staff is committed to providing the best experience possible for you and your cherished animal companion.

Doggy Daycare

Of course, you can’t spend every minute with your pet (as much as you might like to), so PET DEGREE® offers service dog day care to keep your pet happy and engaged while you’re away. Doggy daycare and group play provide the perfect opportunity for your pet to socialize with other dogs in a safe, comfortable, and stimulating environment. Our highly trained staff will welcome your pet for half-day or full-day stays, and we offer package deals for multiple days of play.

Special Events

Throughout the year, we offer special events that are carefully designed to promote the human-animal bond while you and your pet have fun and create great memories. Events include seminars, demonstrations, barn searches, and rally competitions. Check out our full calendar of events.

Dog Training

Our rigorous dog-training programs are designed to help human and pet develop and maintain a strong partnership. Maybe your new puppy needs a little obedience training, or maybe you’re seeking specialized training before entering your hardworking pup in competition. Our expert trainers offer a wide range of dog training classes that benefit pets and their humans:

  • Basic obedience classes, from puppy to novice.
  • Private and group dog training sessions

Obedience classes teach your dog the basics of good citizenship, while you learn the basics of responsible pet ownership.