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Pet Degree is a Buffalo, NY based specialized facility that cares for your furry family members. The well-being and health of your pets is our number one priority. Our mission is to nurture the bond between every pet and pet owner by providing high-quality care. 

We know that you would like to spend every moment  with your animal companion. We’re here to treat them like our family members when you can’t. Apart from veterinary services, we offer boarding, dog training, doggy daycare, and dog grooming.

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What our loyal customers had to say…

"Dr. Josh and his team are top notch. My 13 year old bulldog is experiencing typical signs of aging and I appreciate Dr. Josh's decision to take a natural approach. There is a noticeable improvement in a short time frame. His team always exudes compassion and kindness in person and over the phone."
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Jessica P.
Regular Customer
"Thanks so much for checking out my dog, Sarge. You guys were super kind, patient & attentive. He's feeling much better already & I can't say enough positive things about your vet practice."
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Emily S.
Regular Customer
"Dr Josh and his team are thorough, kind and reasonable. Dr Josh takes time explaining procedures, ailments and medicines. I have experienced 4 other veterinary hospitals and Pet Degree has been the best across the board. Along with great care and a clean environment, Dr Josh shows amazing compassion and competence. He is an amazing surgeon and our family is incredibly grateful for his talent and care."
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Bridgey K.
Regular Customer
Happy Pets, Happy Owners

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